Our Story

charlotte&hannahOn Dec. 7, 2012 , Charlotte, 11 months old, suffered a massive brain injury. Airlifted to a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, she endured emergency brain surgery in an attempt to relieve severe swelling. She was availed every possible life-saving intervention including being placed in a medically induced coma.

Requests for prayers went out to anyone and everyone we knew.

On Dec. 9th, Charlotte’s condition took a drastic turn for the worse. Her brain swelling accelerated out of control. Her body functions failing -we were losing our little girl…
Prayers, Prayers and more Prayers!

On Dec10th, Charlotte’s condition was deemed fatal – physicians informed our family that there was no hope of recovery. We were told Charlotte was brain dead.

Devastated beyond words, we grappled with disbelief and deep sadness. Multitudes of believers were holding us up with their prayers and intensions refusing to give up hope.

Her mom, Hannah and her immediate family were resolute that Charlotte’s death not be in vain and she be used as an instrument for good. Thus, we had our initial meeting for organ donation. Charlotte would be a hero, leaving a noble legacy of hope & life.
Prayers continue.

Hannah was assisted in the creation of a Memory Box which contained a lock of Charlotte’s hair and a casting of her hand and foot prints. Prayers continue as Hannah refuses to give up on her girl, no matter what they say, she still hopes for a miracle.

Agonizing plans were started for Baby Charlotte’s funeral service. We reach out to our Christian folk for special bible verse and song. Family members and friends planned their pilgrimage to offer their condolences and celebrate Charlotte’s short but joyful life.

Then something miraculous happened! On 12/12/12, Baby Charlotte defying all odds just simply- woke up! Her brain swelling decreased dramatically, her reflexes started returning, eyes open and reactive and bodily functions kicked in – we got our baby back! This change of events and those to follow can only be defined as true miracle.

We invite you to follow us, in awe, as we walk beside this extraordinary child as she progresses in recovery. Join us to witness and share in the life of a baby who is truly blessed.


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